LifeVantage specializes in a new science called Nutrigenomics; researching, testing, and creating products to address the biochemical effects of aging, with the ultimate goal of biohacking the human body to live longer – much, MUCH longer.

One of the main biochemical effects of aging is oxidative stress. Which causes your cells to start wearing down. LifeVantage is reversing the process. In fact, in a recent study, the National Institute of Aging found that in male mice Nrf2 was the only supplement scientifically proven to increase lifespan by 7 percent.

While agreeing with leading researchers that extending human life is inevitable, LifeVantage believes that in order to enjoy that increased lifespan, we need to lengthen our healthspan. This science doesn’t just help you feel good, it lets you enjoy life—which also helps you feel good.

Progress is not essential to the human condition, progress is the human condition.

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Too many people in the world find themselves in a position of powerlessness. Countless millions lack even the basic necessities of life. Kyäni is committed to making a difference everywhere they can. Kyäni’s mission is to bring hope—the promise of a better life—through wellness and opportunity. What does that mean? It means that Kyäni enhances lives in many different ways. From their wellness products that combine the best that nature and science have to offer, to a business opportunity that allows anyone to partner with highly successful founders with the tools for success, Kyäni is ready to help anyone realize their wellness and financial goals.

Through programs like Kyäni Caring Hands and Potato Pak, Business Partners and Customers are already helping improve lives throughout the world.

Kyäni was founded upon the ideal of bringing wellness to as many people as possible, in as many places as we can reach. This began with the development of the Triangle of Health, supporting and improving health through natural nutritional supplements. Later this goal was expanded to include the Fleuresse Skin Care product line, which supports wellness from the outside in.

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